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Seoul-Ria, Chinatown

One day after Uni, myself and a few companions decide to meet up for some shopping. We are famished by the end of our trip and our cravings for Korean food are at an all time high. Seoul-Ria is a restaurants located above town hall . Filled with purple lights across its windows, it's not too hard to miss. We enter the tiny lift to the top where a massive restaurant awaits. 

Ox Tail Soup
I decided on this soup because I was craving something warm and hot. Honestly, this soup was flavourless. Even after I put in a spoonful of salt and pepper, there was nothing wow about this dish. I did enjoy the noodles in the soup, however, the soup was just water to me. 

Unfortunately I was unable to try any of their other stuff, but I really wish I had opted for one of their sizzling dishes because they looked amazing as they were coming out to the table next to ours. On a side note, I really enjoyed the side dishes! All Korean meals come with a serving of side dishes, but Seoul-Ria do their side dishes stellar in comparison to their main meals.

Despite my lackluster experience, I have heard that the KBBQ is amazing here. However, I am reluctant to return as the service was terrible. Noone attended to our table despite there only being 5 tables filled in the room and I found our waiter to be quite rude. Hopefully those other who come here experience better customer service. I may give this place another shot, but next time I will stay away from the soupy dishes at Seoul-Ria,

Level 2 605-609 George St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. I'm guessing the reason your soup was bland is because in Korean homes, ox-tail soup is prepared by slow-cooking the bones/meat for over 24 hours in a rich broth. Restaurants like Seoulria probably don't have the time for such extensive preparation, and so the broth will either be watery or filled with artificial flavouring. Also, it's meant to be had with kimchi/ggakduki (radish kimchi) which is quite flavoursome on its own. Better luck next time! xo - Jina from

    1. Yeah the kimchi was pretty flavoursome by itself and oooh I see, its understandable they couldn't achieve such a great flavour. I will definitely try other places and looks for that perfect Ox Tail soup


Thank you ! :)