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Second Visit

Brioche French Toast- $14.50
I feel like a lot has changed with Buttermelt cafe since my last visit or maybe it's the same but I didn't pay that much attention. With this second visit, my whole perspective on Buttermelt Cafe has changed. I finally tried a sweet item from their menu and I loved every bit of it. The Brioche French Toast was amazing. It was soft and fluffy and the mascarpone cheese (it tasted like yoghurt.. I don't actually know was mascarpone is meant to taste like) combined with the berry maple made the dish sweet yet sour. The fresh strawberries on top made the whole dish perfect. This was a pretty gigantic portion of french toast and when they first brought it out I was just wondering how I was going to finish it. Definitely try this! 

Brekkie Burger- $12.50
First off, let me just say that, that egg was on point. The chopping board with the cute newspaper laid on top makes this burger quite photogenic. I did not get the right angle on this but seriously, so pretty. You can never go wrong with the combination of bacon, egg, lettuce and avocado spread so this burger was so good. Although there's only 3 polenta chips on the side, it is deceptively filling. I've never had polenta chips prior to this occasion but I thoroughly enjoyed them and I was completely stuffed after eating this.

I am definitely revisiting this place to try the rest of their burgers and of course their stack of pancakes. I'm glad I came back to Buttermelt to try a few more of their dishes because I can now say that this is a place I'll be frequenting more often! :) 

First Visit

 Remember when Strathfield was the home of froyo? Gone are the days you can pop into Stratty and grab Moochi or Noggi which is odd since they were the beginning of the whole froyo craze. Now that Moochi has moved out, a quaint little cafe has popped in its place. With Jayeslee constantly raving about Buttermelt Cafe in their vlogs, I just had to try this place out for myself. It's such a cute name as well like it just rolls of your tongue. Butter. Melt. Buttermelt. Genius.

I have never done an Indian review before on this blog. Actually, I've never had Indian food until this very day. This restaurant came highly suggested by my Indian friend who said it was his family's favourite and go to whenever they were eating out. This of course got me very intrigued because being the Indian food noob that I am, I don't really know what's good or not, BUT I can say this. From now on, you'll be seeing me around Indian food a lot more. The first thing I notice as I enter Neelam Restaurant is the aroma of the food and spice.