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Hanamaruya Japanese Restaurant, Bankstown

This place is actually a go to visit place of mine for me and my family when we are craving Jap food and we can't be bothered to travel all the way to the city. Hanamaruya is probably one of the only Japanese restaurants you will find on the Asian side of Bankstown. I tend to always visit during lunch time hours because they have amazing deals on Bento boxes at that time. 

Tantan Ramen in pork base soup- $14
It is definitely a bit more pricey than the ramen shops in the city, but when you want to satisfy those cravings for ramen, it isn't too bad. One thing that Hanamaruya does differently to other places is it offers a choice of either pork based soup or chicken based soup. I found that the soup wasn't that flavoursome in this, kind of tame for a spicy dish. The egg was perfectly cooked though. In all honesty, this is not my favourite dish from them, but I can vouch for other ramens that I have tried. Their Butter-corn Ramen in a pork base soup is definitely a winner in my books. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of it the last time I ate it. 

Karaage Chicken ramen in Chicken base soup- $14
This was actually my mum's dish and she said it was very filling, but kind of bland. She did however love the multiple pieces of Karaage Chicken in the bowl. I don't think I have ever had a chicken based ramen soup, so that might be something I try on my next visit.

The main attraction of Hanamaruya is no doubt their bento boxes. Starting from the price of $10, you are definitely left on struggle street as you attempt to devour the box. My favourite is the Karaage Chicken Bento Box and standing at only $10 who could resist. This is also something I didn't have the chance to photograph. :(

Overall, I think that Hanamaruya is a great place for jap food in the western suburbs. It is a place that myself and my parents enjoy quite a lot, not only because of the selection of food but also because of their friendly staff. 

286 Chapel Road
Bankstown, NSW 2200


  1. ooh i heart ramen so will def have to check this place out!

  2. Definitely check it out especially during their lunch times :)

  3. ooh that tantan ramen broth looks good!

    1. It's pretty decent but definitely check out ichiban boshi for the best tantan ramen :)

  4. Replies
    1. Their butter corn ramen is my favourite though!


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