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El Loco is one of those places that I have always heard about but never tried, that is until recently.  The interior is quite colourful, brining out a Mexican feel to the place. I believe there is also an outdoor seating area, but it was too cold that day to go out. However, I do wish I tried more of their stuff that day because with all the rave reviews about this place, the food I had didn't live up to expectations. 

Pollo Taco- $6
I ordered the Pollo Taco which is a chicken taco with a sweet corn salsa. As much as I enjoyed the sweet corn salsa within the taco, the taco itself was less than stellar. The taco was a lot smaller than expected plus it was extremely difficult to eat without making a huge mess. In the end I had to get a fork to scoop up what was remaining of my taco.

On the other hand, the Chiptole Fries served with Chiptole Mayo - $7 proved to be much more up to expectations. I forgot to take a photo of the chips, but I must say I really loved the mayo served with the. I wouldn't mind buying just the mayo to bring home to eat. 

Despite the average experience at El Loco, I still want to try some more dishes on the menu before I make a full judgement, but for now, El Loco is just mediocre, nothing to write home about. 

111 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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FRESHLY MADE PASTA. The first thing you notice about Vapiano when you first step in is the ambience. The dim lighting that makes the whole experience more romantic, despite the food hall feel. I love the idea and design of this restaurant. A waiter hands me a card where I'm told by my friend that we scan it at the station where we order our food. I head to the pasta bar, because I was craving pasta and wanted a carb loading. 

The chefs are friendly as they cook up your dish. You see each piece of ingredient enter into the frying pan. I love the whole idea of seeing your food being cooked in front of you. The wait is roughly 5 minutes, pretty decent I must say. The self service style is a bit of a hit and miss with me, considering I am very clumsy, so I was very scared of dropping my beautifully made pasta on the floor as we head upstairs. 

Carbonara- $17.90
I opted for the Carbonara because anything described as creamy attracts my eyes. The taste of onion was prominent but not the dominant flavour. The bacon and cheese blended together to add another level to the creamy sauce of the Carbonara. There is a surprisingly generous portion of pasta in this dish, not huge, but decent for the price. I was very satisfied with this dish.

I am definitely coming back and trying out some other things from the pizza section or maybe even salad section. 

Have you tried Vapiano before? What's your favourite pasta?

Cnr King Street & York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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HELLO AGAIN. I have somewhat been mia from this blog this past month. With exam period and all, this blog became the last thing on my mind. A lack of motivation to blog also accounts for my disappearance from the blogosphere, but I want to start up again and hopefully put up more content soon. If you've been following my Instagram you would have noticed the increasing amount of food appearing on your feed from me. These are places I've recently tried and I plan on reviewing them soon, but all I will say is that they were DELICIOUS!

I just realised my image has nothing to do with what I'm posting about, but it was just such a pretty picture. It was the view I had from the Star hotel the other week. Such a great view to wake up too, if only I could wake up to it everyday. 

ooh I'm getting my exam results in a few days and I am freaking out so much. I have never freaked out this much about results, but this time is different, because the possibility of failure is higher than usual, sadly. Failing a subject isn't the end of the world, but I rather not have to repeat a subject... Wish me luck for those results! Actually, there's nothing I can really do about them now, but hey, wishful thinking that luck will change my results somehow...

Anyhow, what have you guys been up to? I'll talk to you soon again.