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It's been a while since I've written up a review but I'm back. It may only be momentarily, but I'll try to be more consistent because I have so much food to show to you guys after my month of non existent food blogging! Anyhow, after a very, very long time of eyeing this place, I have finally made the visit to Devon on Danks. With all those flaky cronuts flooding my instagram feed, I was so excited to finally get my hands on one for myself. 

I always have to start off my brunch adventures with some sort of coffee so I opted for a Cappucino. I'm not the best at describing coffee nor distinguishing between a good blend and bad blend but the guy sitting at our share table had at least 3 coffees throughout the duration of our meal so hopefully that tells you how good the coffee was. 

'Naked' Bruschetta- $14.50
People would usually describe me as an indecisive person when it comes to food but on this particular occasion I was even more indecisive than usual. Everything caught my eye but I ended up ordering a 'Naked Bruschetta'. I'm not a big fan of beetroot but this dish may have just turned beetroot around for me.

The beetroot is the hero of this dish but the combination of the goats curd on the piece of walnut bread along with the kale crumble brought balance to the dish and made it very enjoyable. Let's also not forget the beautiful egg that lies on top of everything. If you love all things beetroot then this is definitely the dish for you!

Devon's Breakfast Burger- $16.50
My dining companion opted for Devon's Breakfast burger which contains wagyu brisket, hash potatoes, smoked beans, tasty cheese, cucumber pickle and of course a fried egg on top to complete the dish. When they first brought out the dish I gave my friend "the look" because the burger was so small in comparison to the serving board. Generally, people order chips with this or bacon so that explains all that space. Despite the emptiness, my friend said it was really filling and looked deceptively small. They really enjoyed it and said they would have another one if they could. 

Coconut Cronut- $6.50
Introducing the heroes of the meal. The cronuts otherwise known as 'Cronnies' are of course the thing that I was most looking forward too and they did not disappoint. We tried both the Coconut and the Salted caramel and popcorn cronut. This left me in a food coma but I have no regrets because they were so flaky. So crunchy and just pure goodness. My iPhone does not do these cronuts justice because they are much flakier in real life. If you even do visit Devon on Danks, make sure you grab one!
Salted Caramel and popcorn Cronut- $6.50
I really enjoyed my time here and the staff is so friendly. It was quite busy even though we went on a weekday and that's always a good sign. I highly recommend the cronuts so if you're ever in the area, definitely check this place out.

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Palsaik is a Korean restaurant hidden above the city of Sydney in Haymarket. When my friend discovered this place online, she said we had to go and that I had to write a blog post about it because there wasn't that much information about this place online. It is such a hidden gem, and when you can get such an amazing set meal for a good price, I just want to share it with you guys.

We ordered Combo B which was a beef BBQ set for 4 people. For $88 you get an entree of Seafood Pancake, a Kimchi Hotpot, 4 different types of meat for the BBQ and 4 bowls of rice. As with any Korean restaurant, you also get an array of side dishes. The Kimchi hotpot that you see pictured above tasted as amazing as it looked. I just couldn't get enough of that soup. 

Seafood Pancake
 The Seafood Pancake was pretty big considering it was only an entree, but it was a great way to start off the BBQ meal. 

With Combo B you get Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll, Wagyu Rib Meat, Wagyu Chuck Flap and Marinated Flank Shirt. The meat arrives on a metre long wooden board and my first instinct was to take a photo of it. Our waiter didn't mind too much. I guess she's use to it by now. 

Just seeing all the meat there made me so hungry so we began to BBQ everything. Funny thing is, none of us knew the gas had gone off for the BBQ so we sat there for a very long time grilling our meat over nothing. Once we changed out the gas , the meat kept coming. I made a few lettuce wraps and drowned my meat in the dipping sauce. Looking back at these pictures makes me so hungry.

I highly recommend that you order a Combo set when you visit Palsaik. I really want to try their 8 flavours of pork belly because that's what they're known for, so I am definitely revisiting this place sometime in the future. 

Level 1/2, 710 George St
Chinatown, NSW 2000
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Spicy Aroma has quickly become a favourite among my family, with my family visiting the Canley Heights restaurant 4 times in the past month. This is mainly because my Mum loves Thai/Laos food and when she is introduced to a good restaurant, she will keep revisiting it time and time again. 

Every time I hear Waterloo, the ABBA song starts playing in my head. I had checked out a few reviews of Pu'er even before I was contacted by Siev about dining here as a guest. I was pretty excited about trying this place out because I never really venture out to try Asian restaraunts. 
I've seen so many instagram posts of this place but I had just assumed that it was in some far off place with a massive walk since I don't know the Newtown area very well. The best part about this place is that it is literally right in front of Newtown train station.  Convenient location with good food. What more could you ask for?

I have always been a fan of hot green tea but I was never really a fan of things green tea flavoured, that is until recently.  I was offered the chance to sample the Washoku Selection at Chanoma. Washoku Lovers is a free membership card with many perks :)  It's quite amazing that it has taken me so long to try this place out since I always go past it when I visit Regent Place, but I am so happy to finally try this cozy little cafe/dessert/hotdog place- so many things in one but they do it all so well. 

Second Visit

Brioche French Toast- $14.50
I feel like a lot has changed with Buttermelt cafe since my last visit or maybe it's the same but I didn't pay that much attention. With this second visit, my whole perspective on Buttermelt Cafe has changed. I finally tried a sweet item from their menu and I loved every bit of it. The Brioche French Toast was amazing. It was soft and fluffy and the mascarpone cheese (it tasted like yoghurt.. I don't actually know was mascarpone is meant to taste like) combined with the berry maple made the dish sweet yet sour. The fresh strawberries on top made the whole dish perfect. This was a pretty gigantic portion of french toast and when they first brought it out I was just wondering how I was going to finish it. Definitely try this! 

Brekkie Burger- $12.50
First off, let me just say that, that egg was on point. The chopping board with the cute newspaper laid on top makes this burger quite photogenic. I did not get the right angle on this but seriously, so pretty. You can never go wrong with the combination of bacon, egg, lettuce and avocado spread so this burger was so good. Although there's only 3 polenta chips on the side, it is deceptively filling. I've never had polenta chips prior to this occasion but I thoroughly enjoyed them and I was completely stuffed after eating this.

I am definitely revisiting this place to try the rest of their burgers and of course their stack of pancakes. I'm glad I came back to Buttermelt to try a few more of their dishes because I can now say that this is a place I'll be frequenting more often! :) 

First Visit

 Remember when Strathfield was the home of froyo? Gone are the days you can pop into Stratty and grab Moochi or Noggi which is odd since they were the beginning of the whole froyo craze. Now that Moochi has moved out, a quaint little cafe has popped in its place. With Jayeslee constantly raving about Buttermelt Cafe in their vlogs, I just had to try this place out for myself. It's such a cute name as well like it just rolls of your tongue. Butter. Melt. Buttermelt. Genius.