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Holy Basil, CBD

A thai review twice in a row? YEP. My love for Thai and Laos food is becoming excessive, but you can never be too in love with food. I have been a fan of Holy Basil for a very very long time. Ever since that first moment I tried fried icecream with my family in Canley Heights, I have yet to find a place that does fried icecream better. We'll get to the infamous Fried Icecream a bit later but the points to take away from this bordering essay style intro is I love the Canley Height branch and was curious as to if they would do anything differently at the CBD branch.
Left:Ox Tongue -$11.90,  Right:Laos Pork sausages-$11.90
Excuse my dodgey photography skills here. I was too excited to dig in that I didn't angle my photos properly... Let's start of with my favourite, the Ox Tongue. It was cooked beautifully and remained tender. The serving size was actually pretty decent as well. At Holy Basil they serve their Ox Tongue in thicker slices than other places, which is a big bonus in my books. 

I enjoyed the Laos Pork Sausages quite alot. Normally I don't really get this dish unless someone else wants it but I think I will be getting this more often from now on because they were delicious.
Chicken Pad Thai- $13.90
I'm living the Pad Thai life all day everyday recently. I really enjoyed this Pad Thai especially because there was so much sauce and goodness in the dish. There was also a fair amount of chicken pieces scattered through the dish. I could barely finish this dish because there was just so much noodles in this dish.
Thai Beef Salad- $14.90
I didn't try this myself, but my friends loved it. Just look at all that meaty goodness!
Holy Basil Fried Icecream-$13.90
The Grand Finale of this epic meal was of course my favourite and might I say the BEST FRIED ICECREAM EVER! The outside is so crispy and the batter covering the icecream is thin unlike many other restaurants. I just love this so much and this is a definite must have for all those going to Holy Basil.

Overall, the staff was friendly and service was wonderful. As Holy Basil is located in Shark Hotel, the bar is right next door so you can hear the hustle and bustle of the bar. We had reserved seating that night so I can't comment to much on the wait but whilst we were eating, I could see many people waiting to be seated outside of the restaurant. Portion sizes are on the larger size which is always a bonus for such great food.
Shark Hotel 127 Liverpool St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. The photos look so good! Definitely have to revisit Holy Basil some time soon.

    1. Aww thank you :) and yes definitely visit it again!


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