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There's not many Surry Hills style cafes lying in the western suburbs so when I saw this place on people's blogs, I had already fallen in love with Paper Plane Cafe. As usual I lead my dining companions in the wrong direction as we try to find the cafe. I'm terrible at reading maps. I'm surprised I haven't wandered into Narnia at any point in my life. We finally reach the cafe and are greeted with a massive chalkboard wall and miniature pot plants from Ikea. It was like being in Surry Hills but not. Anyhow we reach this cosy cafe and are seated kind of slowly despite their being no lines and tables free. Mind you, this was a weekday... 

Left: Ice Coffee-$7, Right: Strawberry Lemonade-$5
I guess Paper Plane Cafe took the advice from bloggers and reviewers who have been complaining about the paper straws because they now serve there drinks with plastic straws that won't dissolve in your drink. The ice coffee was pretty strong but the ice-cream and whipped cream on top made the coffee sweet.  I had a tiny sip of the Strawberry Lemonade and it was quite enjoyable. 

Paper Plane Burger- $13
The Paper Plane Burger was an interesting item which caught my eye. Peanut butter was spread across the top brioche bun and BBQ sauce lined the bottom of the burger. Bacon, cheese, a beef patty, lettuce and tomato then made up the middle of the burger. I know this whole combo sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but the Peanut butter and bacon combo just works. It makes this burger one of the best burgers I've ever had. As for the side of "bad boys" aka really big chips, I couldn't finish them because the burger was surprisingly big but they were great! I highly recommend this burger to anyone who is trying out Paper Plane Cafe. 

Chicken sliders - $11.50
My dining companions chose the pork and chicken sliders for themselves and loved every bit of it, saying and I quote "this was worth the wait". They loved the fries served with their mini burgers as well. 

I believe we waited half an hour for our food and drinks was around 15 minutes. I'm not too sure about those timing estimates but I was starving by the time everything came out. Despite having an electronic ordering system I found the service at Paper Plane Cafe to be extremely slow. Whether it was lack of training or lack of staff I'm not too sure but the customer service is definitely the Achilles heel of this fantastic place. Nonetheless the whole hipster cafe feel is brought a little closer to home with Paper Plane Cafe making it a must visit. Their food is amazing so give it a try if you are ever in the area. 

Shop 5/2 Horwood Place
Parramatta, NSW 2150

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Coco Cubano is one of those places I venture to at Uni since it's conveniently located on campus.It was my first time visiting Central Park and my dining companions and I decided we would eat at Coco Cubano after a few too many hours being stuck in the library since they had never been here. Initially we were going to visit Autolyse but since I'm the type that needs pictures to decide on what food I'm going to eat, otherwise I have no idea what the dish would taste like (definitely going back to Central Park after I stalk some blogs) 

Chicken Tortilla- $12.90
This is something that I've had numerous times before on campus and it tastes just as good at their Central Park location. The chicken was moist and tender and the wrap was crispy. There was enough sauce in it just to cover the chicken but not so much that it is dripping out he bottom of the tortilla. There is also Guacamole in this tortilla, making it taste even better. 

Eggs your way- $9.90
My friend decided on this dish because she was craving poached eggs. Eggs your way is basically a dish where you can choose whether you want eggs poached or scrambled. It is served with a piece of sourdough bread and a side of tomatoes. My friend loved the sourdough bread. Only thing she disliked was the serving size.

The only thing that I could probably fault Coco Cubano on is their price to portion ratio. That is probably not a real ratio but for the sake of this it is. Their pricing is a bit more dear than most places. Is it worth it? I'm a bit meeh on that but I guess it's up to you. I enjoyed my meal and the staff were super nice and food came out relatively quickly, but if I was super hungry, this would not be the place I venture to since the serving sizes are quite small. 

Lower Ground Floor
1 Central Park Ave 
Chippendale, NSW 2008

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