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Stra Pocha, Strathfield

When my friend first showed me photos of the cheesy chicken at Stra Pocha my first reaction was OMG look at that cheesy goodness and then it was something along the lines of "asdlkacjfdbjivcsfd we're going here very soon". The day finally came and my tastebuds were ready because I heard of how fierce the Fire Chicken was. This only made me anticipate it even more. I would like to say I handle my spiciness pretty well, but this was a whole different level. 

Fire Chicken with cheese
Fiery chicken be very fiery. To sum it up "If pain was a taste, this would be it" as said by one of my friends at the table. Despite my tongue feeling as though it had just been torched, it truly is a beast of a spicy dish that keeps you coming back for more. The cheese, chicken and chilli paste (?) (not sure how they reached that killer amount of spiciness) combo tastes surprisingly nice. The cheese is so stringy as it is served on a sizzling hot plate. Play with the cheese while it is sizzling hot and wrap it around each piece of chicken.The cheesy goodness is even better in real life, trust me. Underneath all the chicken lies a piece of bread that soaks up all the juices, chilli and cheese from the chicken. 

Unfortunately my memory fails me here because I don't remember the name of this dish but the hotpot had ramen with cheese on top. The soup from the hotpot, to my surprise actually settled down the spiciness from the fire chicken. I genuinely loved this hot pot and wouldn't mind a taste of it right now. 

The pricing was in the $30 range for both these dishes. You are definitely getting your money's worth from these dishes. It's even better when you go with friends. The service was decent, although I wouldn't be the best judge because we were the only table there at the time. Overall, I enjoyed my meal and had a good chicken fix for the week. I will definitely revisit, but maybe not the fire chicken for a while cause the struggle was real with that dish. 

19-21 Everton Rd
Strathfield, NSW 2135

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  1. I have the 1 chilli option for the cheese fried chicken. You're a warrior for tackling the extra spicy one !

    1. I felt so much pain trying to eat that but it was just so strangely good.

  2. haha i think i need to revisit this place!! I enjoyed the chicken but my cousin keeps telling me it's his favourite fried chicken so I may need to revisit to see why! haha! :D

  3. the spicy cheese chicken! to die for!

    1. my mouth literally died eating the chicken but it's so good! Nothing like I've ever tasted

  4. I really want that cheese chicken.... Time to visit!


Thank you ! :)