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After a long day of trampolining, we decided to visit the closest El Jannah's because it's always a good option when you want cheap and delicious chicken. I've only ever been to El Jannah's in Granville and I love it there but here there are no queues! What's there not to love about this place. 

1/4 Chicken Meal - $7.90
I ordered a quarter chicken meal which gives me a serving a chips and a small garlic sauce. A can of drink is also included in this. It's actually a takeway meal, however I dined in because it was the first time I've probably been able to get a table at any El Jannah's.

 Can I just start off by saying, I am in LOVE with garlic sauce. El Jannah's garlic sauce is hands down the best garlic sauce from all the other charcoal chicken places I have tried. The charcoal chicken is so succulent and juicy. Even though they provide a knife and fork, I go hands in because that's the only way you can fully appreciate every part of the chicken. The chips are beautiful especially when you dip it in some garlic sauce. Can you feel how much I love this place?

El Jannah's is one of those places you MUST go because my description does not do the chicken nor the garlic sauce any justice.

701 Punchbowl Rd,
Punchbowl, NSW 2196

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I am very unimpressed by Oliver Brown. It just didn't live up to any expectations whatsoever. Maybe it was because I only ordered a coffee, but even then I found the service to be very slow despite there being noone else in the store beside my friends and I. The coffee wasn't too horrendous or anything, but if you're looking for a good coffee place in Auburn, your best bet is Gloria Jeans and even Noggi. Coffee at both the aforementioned places is done much better than  Oliver Brown. I won't completely write off Oliver Brown until I have actually tried their desserts, but looking at the prices on their menu, I don't think that will be anytime soon. Overpriced, that's for sure.

My friend ordered a White Hot Chocolate and she wasn't too impressed by her drink either. She described it as being plain heated up milk.

Presentation is nice, interior is nice, but as far as anything goes for drinks wise, it is best to avoid this if you don't want to be disappointed.

Harrow Rd Auburn Central Shopping Centre
Auburn, NSW 2144

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I have finally ventured into Devon Cafe, the talk of the food instagram world. From the exterior of it yu would think that this cafe is just another coffee shop, but as you head into the depths of the store you are brought into a vintage looking area with wooden accents. It is almost reminiscent of a barn wedding in some ways. We had arrived when the kitchen had closed for its breakfast serving but we are advised by the friendly staff that the kitchen would be open in 30 minutes. 

Cappuccino- $3.50
I decide to get some coffee for the wait. A regular cappuccino is the usual for me. The coffee was very nice. In had just the perfect amount of both milk and coffee. You know how some stores can be a bit too milky? well this isn't one of them, thank goodness, because I hate milky coffee. I find that I am very critical of coffee, but this one was good. Wouldn't mind a cup right now as I'm writing up this review.  

Eggs Blini- $19
There's a pancake underneath all that fresh salmon and there is 2 perfectly poached eggs perched on top of the beautifully presented pile of cured salmon.  I have no idea what Mikado sauce is, but that's what lies on the most visible layer. The Mikado sauce adds a sweetness to the whole dish, almost an overpowering sweetness but there are also citrus scents scattered in the sauce. My favourite part of this dish was definitely the salmon. It was so beautiful and fresh, tasting as though it had just been caught and cured right there and then. The caviar adds texture to the dish and is an interesting element, but it doesn't take away from the flavours of the sauce. The eggs are perfectly poached and come oozing out as I puncture my fork into them. Although the serving wasn't overly huge, I didn't manage to finish it and I am quite a big eater. In all honesty, by the end of the dish, I actually became sick of the dish. Maybe it was due to the taste of the Mikado sauce, I'm not too sure what it was. In spite of that,  I really enjoyed this dish and recommend it to anyone that has a love for salmon.

I really enjoyed my time at Devon Cafe. The staff were friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was great and the food is beautifully presented. I would love to try some of the other things they have on the menu because every plate that was brought out to the tables around me looked delicious. Devon cafe is the definition of food for your eyes. 
76 Devonshire St,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
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THAI ON THE HARBOUR.  It was a cold and windy night and as usual, me nor any of my friends had any idea of what to eat. And then we saw Nok Nok Thai Eating House, located next to Umi Sushi. A dimly lit store filled with a terrace like interior design. There are trees and plants scattered across the restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant is one long communal table whilst the sides of the restaurant provides booths for groups of people. 

Mixed entree- $14.90
We start of with the mixed entree platter filled with spring rolls, dumplings, satay chicken skewers and thai fish cakes. The peanut sauce that accompanies the the entree platter was nice, but I have been to other Thai places which do it better. I'm not too sure what sauce is in the next dipping dish but there are bits of onion, cucumber and chilli in it. It has a sweet taste to it, which I find absolutely delicious. If you are looking to try as many different entrees as possible, this would be the dish for you. 

Beef Pad Si-Ewe- $ $15.90
A Beef Pad Si-Ewe was another dish that we had that day. The serving size is quite enormous, but for the price you are paying for it it is expected. Honestly, it tastes like every other Pad Si-Ewe I have tasted. Would I come back and try this again? Probably not. There isn't really a special kick of flavour or anything relatively special to it, but it is quite filling. 

Thai Beef Salad- $17.90
The Thai Beef Salad was the highlight of this meal for me. The lemon dressing has a perfect blend of sweet and sour and there is it little punch of chilli, just subtle enough that you know that there is chilli in the salad. I just love Thai Salads so much, and this is one of the better Thai salads I have had.

Thai Fried rice - $15.90
We also ordered a Thai Fried Rice which contains pieces of Chicken. I have nothing to say about this rice honestly. It was nice and filling, but it was no different from any other fried rice I've had. No different flavours, nothing to it really.

As filling as this meal was I believe it was a bit too pricey considering the food that was being served. You are definitely paying more for the location and ambience more than anything else. Service was slow, despite there only being a few customers in the store. I have mixed feelings about this place, but I'm glad I have finally been able to try this store as I've always walked past it wondering what it was.

Shop 9/1 Harbour St, Darling Walk
Sydney, NSW 2000

Nok Nok Thai Eating House on Urbanspoon

A little teaser for what's about to come up.