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Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted, but I'm back and starting off with a review on a restaurant that I have finally tried after all those years. Green Peppercorn has been one of those places that I have always wanted to try because people around me were always telling me that it was like Holy Basil and I'm in love with Holy Basil. After spending the day wandering around IKEA, my friends and I head to Fairfield for a feast. 

Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue- $11.90
I love ox tongue and just can't get enough of it. Whenever I go to Thai or Lao restaurants with my family, my mum always orders the ox tongue. I have grown so accustomed to this that I can't go a meal in a Thai/Lao restaurant without ordering this beauty of a dish. It was very thinly sliced, but still tender and perfectly cooked. The special sauce served with this is amazing!

Lao Sausages- $11.90
Yum! The skin of the sausages were crunchy whilst the insides still remained tender. This is also served with the same special sauce of the Ox tongue. You can never get enough of the special sauce. 

Thai Beef Salad- $14.90
There's beef strips under all those greens, I promise. It's just all the meat is left to marinate in all the lime salad dressing. This was probably one of my favourite dishes of the night because I love my salads, especially my Thai salad because the dressing is just so good. I really need to learn how they make the dressing so I can recreate this in my own home. 

Pineapple Fried Rice with chicken- $12.90
Of course we ordered a rice dish to accompany all the other dishes because you always need some rice... (well not really). It tasted like what a normal friend rice would taste like. I couldn't taste the pineapple despite having chunks of pineapple with each spoonful of rice. It's an alright dish, nothing good, nothing bad.

Chicken Pad Thai- $12.90
I also have a love for Pad Thai. They offer side garnishing of chilli flakes and crushed peanuts, so you can adjust how spicy you want your Pad Thai to be. Since not all my friends are a fan of spices, I hold back and only put in a sprinkle of chilli. I feel as though there were more bean sprouts than pieces of chicken, but I love bean sprouts so that's fine with me. 

Pad See Ew with Beef- $12.90
A stir fry with sweet soy sauce and flat noodles, yes please! We didn't think we would be full with only the above dishes so we decided to order a Pad See Ew on impulse and because my friend loves it. Personally, I don't like flat noodles. I'm not picky when it comes to food but when it comes to stir fries I like the thin or thick rounded noodles. However, my opinion on flat noodles is starting to change. I really did enjoy this dish. The noodles were soft, beef was tender and the sauce on the noodles was delicious. I just can't fault this dish. 

I am so glad that I finally got to try Green Peppercorn after all the talk I heard about it. The interior is nice and the bird cages hanging from the roof add an interesting element to the whole place. Although I didn't look at their dessert menu this time, due to the massive food coma I was put in, I am definitely coming back to try all their desserts. Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and recommend it to people in the area. OH there's a branch in the city as well ;)

1 Hamilton Rd
Fairfield, NSW 2165

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