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Bourjois blush

Blush was just one of those things I was never really interested in, that is until recently. A little bit of blush for everyday definitely livens up the face and brings back colour into your face, giving you a nice glow about you. I have been wanting to try the blushes from Bourjois for a very long time but I just never got around to purchasing one considering they are $20 in Priceline. With one of the sales ASOS was having, I bought this little gem of a blush. The colour I purchased was 34 Rose D'or
This blush is definitely not one of the most pigmented blushes I have tried, however, you can build up the colour as much as you desire. There are little specks of gold throughout the blush which may seem very intimidating, however this is what gives you that beautiful glow to your cheeks. The  brush that comes with this blush is a terrible product for such a beautiful blush product and I would not recommend this brush for anything.

Would I repurchase this? YES definitely! Despite the blush lacking in the pigmentation department, it is honestly such a pretty colour and my go to product nowadays.My photos for this blush do not do it justice at all, but trust me when I say that this is a must have blush. Not only is it perfect for everyday, it is compact and your perfect travel companion.

Do you own any of the blushes from Bourjois?


  1. Gorgeous pictures! We still don't have Bourjois here in Canada! I like my blush to be pigmented though! Just followed you on bloglovin :)

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Raincouver Beauty

  2. WHOA the packaging! ... We have bourjois in Canada, but not that packaging. The blush sounds so wonderful!

    1. oh really? Is the packaging really different from this one? :)


Thank you ! :)