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Menya Mappen, Sydney

UDON FOR ME, UDON FOR YOU.Hidden next to Pepper Lunch, lies this gem of a restaurant. Taking on a canteen style of service, Menya Mappen offers a range of udon and soba. It is my go to spot for a fast,cheap and delicious meal. When you first walk in you will be asked about what type of soup/noodle you would like and my choice of course is the Spicy Pork Udon (I forget the actual name, but that should be right...). As you move along, with your tray and bowl of udon in hand, you go past the hot section with an array of delicious side dishes. My favourites are the Takoyaki and Chicken tempura. Then you reach the end of the road and find yourself faced with 2 enormous trays of spring onion and flakes which look like they belong to the tempura batter, but honestly, they taste so good in your udon. At this point, I decide to pile on the greens, as you can never overkill on spring onions. 

I don't recall to well the prices of everything, but I know that by the end of it I paid less than $11 for my entire meal which includes a bowl of udon, takoyaki balls and chicken tempura. VERY CHEAP I must say. You may think that the price would mean that there is a sacrifice on quality, but there definitely isn't one here. I love this place so much and would recommend to everyone who loves udon!

Have you tried Menya Mappen before?

Shop 11, 537 - 551 George Street
SydneyNSW 2000

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