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Ichiban Boshi, Sydney CBD

Ramen all day, everyday. With my love for Japanese food, I'm always on the lookout for golden gem restaurants that are both affordable and delicious. Since I'm always craving any sort of Japanese food, my friend, let's call her K, and I decided to grab a bite before I had to head off to uni. After searching urbanspoon, for good reviews, K led the way as we headed off to Ichiban Boshi. We got there around 12pm and there was a long line of people queueing up with ticket numbers. It was about a 15 minute wait until we were able to get it. 
Shio Butter Corn Ramen ($11.90)

I ordered the Shio Butter Corn Ramen and the first thing that caught my eye about this bowl of ramen was the massive lump of butter lying on the top of my ramen. All I was thinking was OMG look at all that unhealthiness on top of my bowl... I poked the butter down into the soup and it began to melt and disperse in my bowl, changing the soup to a more opaque colour. You would think that with that amount of butter in my bowl, the butter would overpower the taste of the soup, but it didn't. It complimented the soup and the corn very nicely, and made the soup a thicker consistency. 
Tantanmen ($13)
K ordered the Tantanmen which was a spicy ramen with minced pork and a boiled egg on top. I tried the soup for this and it was very good. It wasn't too spicy that you could taste it on the tip of your tongue, but spicy enough that you could feel the burn as it went down your throat. I'll probably have this bowl of ramen the next time I come here. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time here and I would love to come back. The service was very fast once you got inside and they processed the orders using iPads. For the next time though, I'm going to go at exactly when they open, because I want to avoid the wait, especially when I'm starving. 

Have you tried Ichiban Boshi yet?

Level 2,The Galeries,

500 George Street,Sydney NSW

Opening hours: 11am-9pm everyday

  Ichi-ban Boshi on Urbanspoon

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