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Spicy Aroma, Canley Heights

Spicy Aroma has quickly become a favourite among my family, with my family visiting the Canley Heights restaurant 4 times in the past month. This is mainly because my Mum loves Thai/Laos food and when she is introduced to a good restaurant, she will keep revisiting it time and time again. 

Let's start off with the BBQ Ox Tongue pictured in the bottom of the photo above.This is probably one of the best BBQ Ox Tongue dishes I have ever had. It was so crispy on the outside but then you reach the middle and you get such tender and juicy meat. 

Lao Sausages- $10.90
Lao Sausages are just such a great dish to start off with alongside the Ox Tongue. It's a combination of dishes that never fails, and my family always opts for these 2 dishes every time we visit Spicy Aroma.  The skin of the sausage of the meat is very crispy, and just like the Ox Tongue, inside the crispy goodness is a juicy and flavoursome filling. There are spices and lemongrass integrated into the meat of the sausage, making it very flavoursome. When you dip it into the sauce that accompanies it, it just makes it even better. 

BBQ Beef Salad- $11.90
I always order some sort of Beef salad when I visit Thai/Lao restaurants. On this occasion it was a BBQ Beef Salad. I honestly love how all the different ingredients in the sauce goes together with the warm meat and pieces of onion and lemongrass. Great dish, however I have ordered a couple of times and it has tasted slightly different each time... I'm not sure why but I'm still going to keep ordering this dish. 

Pawpaw salad, Lao style with crab paste- $10.90
This is a family favourite. The Pawpaw salad with crab paste is something that won't suit everyone's tastebuds because the crab paste makes the dish much saltier then your average salad. Personally, I love it, especially when it is really spicy. There is so much crunch to the salad, particularly when you first receive the dish because the pawpaw hasn't been fully submerged into the sauce yet. 

Beef Pad Thai
This dish is what you would expect of a Pad Thai, except there's just much more Pad Thai to go around. My family could barely finish it because we had also ordered a side of sticky rice, but I will say this, it was a good Pad Thai. 

The staff are friendly and food arrives very quickly. I am so glad that one of my friends introduced me to this place because it is now my go to Thai/Laos place when I am looking for somewhere to eat that is a bit closer to home than the city. If you're ever looking for a good and authentic Thai/Laos food at affordable prices, Spicy Aroma is for you. 

Shop 2, 202 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Heights, NSW
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  1. Mmm, I've never heard of this place but it sounds good! Seriously craving some Lao sausages now...

  2. Oh my, I love ox tongue and you just saying it's the best you've had makes me want to head right there for it now!

  3. Excellent. I'm going to give this place a try next time I'm in the area. Most places either do these dishes badly or they do it well but the portions are so small.

    1. Yeah it sucks when they do it badly though especially when its missing all the lime and sourness that thai style salads have. Let me know what you think of this place :)


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