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Palsaik, Chinatown

Palsaik is a Korean restaurant hidden above the city of Sydney in Haymarket. When my friend discovered this place online, she said we had to go and that I had to write a blog post about it because there wasn't that much information about this place online. It is such a hidden gem, and when you can get such an amazing set meal for a good price, I just want to share it with you guys.

We ordered Combo B which was a beef BBQ set for 4 people. For $88 you get an entree of Seafood Pancake, a Kimchi Hotpot, 4 different types of meat for the BBQ and 4 bowls of rice. As with any Korean restaurant, you also get an array of side dishes. The Kimchi hotpot that you see pictured above tasted as amazing as it looked. I just couldn't get enough of that soup. 

Seafood Pancake
 The Seafood Pancake was pretty big considering it was only an entree, but it was a great way to start off the BBQ meal. 

With Combo B you get Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll, Wagyu Rib Meat, Wagyu Chuck Flap and Marinated Flank Shirt. The meat arrives on a metre long wooden board and my first instinct was to take a photo of it. Our waiter didn't mind too much. I guess she's use to it by now. 

Just seeing all the meat there made me so hungry so we began to BBQ everything. Funny thing is, none of us knew the gas had gone off for the BBQ so we sat there for a very long time grilling our meat over nothing. Once we changed out the gas , the meat kept coming. I made a few lettuce wraps and drowned my meat in the dipping sauce. Looking back at these pictures makes me so hungry.

I highly recommend that you order a Combo set when you visit Palsaik. I really want to try their 8 flavours of pork belly because that's what they're known for, so I am definitely revisiting this place sometime in the future. 

Level 1/2, 710 George St
Chinatown, NSW 2000
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  1. awww haha funny story with the gas! But shame on the staff to have not been on top of that when having already given your meat!
    There are quite a bit of hidden korean gems around aren't there, too over shadowed by the bog players

    1. yeah alot of them are overshadowed but I love finding those hidden gems :)


Thank you ! :)