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Pu'er, Waterloo

Every time I hear Waterloo, the ABBA song starts playing in my head. I had checked out a few reviews of Pu'er even before I was contacted by Siev about dining here as a guest. I was pretty excited about trying this place out because I never really venture out to try Asian restaraunts. 
Genmaicha Tea
The first thing we ordered from the menu was Genmaicha. This is a traditional Japanese green tea with roasted rice. The tea cups we were given reminded me of mixing bowls but in a miniature version. I found the whole set up of the tea very cute. 

Mango Phoneix
We also chose a Mango Phoneix which is a tea infusion. I've never had mango tea before (except for those lipton ones) so this was completely new to me. I think my tastebuds were quite confused by the whole thing because it was a cold tea but then it tasted like hot tea and then there was a rush of mango flavour. It very confusing but very enjoyable. 

Spicy prawn dumpling and Shanghai dumpling
I struggled trying to pick only 2 items from their extensive dumpling menu. I ended up picking the Spicy Prawn dumpling because I knew that the outer shell was going to be red. They both came out steaming hot and the steam fogged up my iPhone's lens when I was trying to take a picture. The Spicy Prawn wasn't actually all that spicy, but it was a very plump and juicy dumpling. The marinated prawns distinguished this dish from Har Gow that you could have at any typical yum cha. 

The Shanghai dumpling is a pork, Chinese cabbage and soup dumpling. This was my favourite dumpling out of the 2 because I really liked the soup element of the dumpling. Although there was only a bit of soup in the dumpling, it added an interesting element to the dumpling.

Wagyu Tacos
These wagyu tacos were amazing. These were my ultimate favourite out of everything I got to eat. The sauce literally smothered the whole piece of beef and with every bit of the bin, sauce would begin to spill out. The buns were fluffy and light and complimented the saucy meat very well. There are some pieces of chilli in there but don't be scared of it because it's not spicy at all. 

Hong Kong Mini Burgers
Every time my family bought pork buns I would always eat the bun and leave the stuffing (yeah I was that kid), so when these lovely buns came out I was so excited. My love for buns is enhanced when its deep fried and crispy. The crispy pork adds to the whole crunch of the burger and the hoisin sauce that goes with it made the whole thing really enjoyable. I must say though the bun of the burger was quite oily. 
Crispy egg noodle
By this point my friend and I could barely breathe let alone demolish another dish. When this dish came out we were both quite shocked at the size of it. The crispy fried noodles towered over the prawns and peas. With this dish you need to squish down all the noodles into the sauce/soup that you're given. It was really reminiscent of my mum's Crispy Egg Noodle so I loved every bit of it especially the peas because they were so crunchy. 

Caramelised Berkshire Pork Belly
This dish really reminds me of Lunar New Year because every year my mum would always makes this and then we would eat it for a week or so. The pork belly was so soft and tender that I could basically poke my chopstick through the middle of it. It was cooked to perfection . You should soak the spice infused eggs into the sauce at the bottom to get a really tasty egg.

Top: Coconut and caffir Lime Leaf sorbet,  Bottom: Chocolate Brownies
When I was asked to look at the dessert menu my friend and I kind of just stared at each other thinking how could we possibly fit anymore food in our stomachs. This was the day that I found out that I actually have a second stomach for dessert. The coconut and lime leaf sorbet was amazing! I loved every bit of the sorbet. The sorbet was both sweet and sour and the coconut juice on the side when eaten with the sorbet brought out the flavours of the sorbet much more.

The Chocolate Brownies didn't sound like anything special to me at first but I was totally wrong. The salted almonds complimented the brownie so well.The chocolate brownie was served with salted palm sugar ice-cream. I need more palm sugar ice cream in my life from now on. 

Overall I really enjoyed my time at Pu'er. Our server was really friendly and helpful and I really liked the interior of the restaurant. You can really see the oriental influences in the design of the restaurant. Definitely go check it out if you're ever in Waterloo. 

20a Danks St
Waterloo, NSW 2017

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  1. mmm wagyu tacos!!
    But those crispy noodles! wow haha looks like a challenge to eat without making a mess! :P

  2. Haha yes I never really venture out to asian restaurants either unless it's really cheap and tasty! But those wagyu tacos and coconut and lime leaf sorbet look amazing ;)


Thank you ! :)