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Chanoma Cafe, CBD

I have always been a fan of hot green tea but I was never really a fan of things green tea flavoured, that is until recently.  I was offered the chance to sample the Washoku Selection at Chanoma. Washoku Lovers is a free membership card with many perks :)  It's quite amazing that it has taken me so long to try this place out since I always go past it when I visit Regent Place, but I am so happy to finally try this cozy little cafe/dessert/hotdog place- so many things in one but they do it all so well. 
Matcha Float
First up is the Matcha Float. I was actually quite hesitant about ordering this since I have never been a fan of green tea icecream or anything along those lines, however all my worries were gone when I finally tried this. The taste of matcha wasn't too overpowering and the drink was sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it went well with the rest of our meal. 

Teriyaki Chicken Dog
Probably one of the harder hot dogs to eat due to the amount of sauce on it but it was also one of my favourites from the three that I was able to sample. The mayo and the sauce together just made the Teriyaki Chicken Dog taste even better. 

Shrimp dog
The amount of mayo on this hot dog could be used in an entire salad, but the mayo complimented the crunchy hot dog so well. I really enjoyed eating this, although I must admit it was quite messy to eat. 

Spicy meat lovers Dog
Despite having the name spicy in it, it wasn't actually that spicy. Out of the three we ordered this is properly the one which was most ordinary. Despite that, I still enjoyed it because the spicy minced meat to the side of the hot dog worked well.

Shaked chips- Left: Chilli & Salt, Right: Soy & Seaweed
These chips are amazing! I love thin fries, so when these came out I was so excited. They were crunchy and both had a great amount of seasoning on them. Out of the two that I was able to try, I liked the Soy & Seaweed flavouring just a bit more because it was an unusual but pleasant taste. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Chanoma Cafe and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick meal. During the time I was there I could see that it was getting quite busy with a constant flow of people in and out of the place. 

Shop 11, 501 George St,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. Looks amazing! can't wait to try, I'm a green tea fan and will definitely have the green tea float.

    1. yeah definitely go for the green tea float! :)

  2. i looove dipping their shaker fries into ice cream!

    1. Definitely doing that the next time I go! It'd taste so good with sea salt icecream

  3. Teriyaki chicken dog with matcha float equals WINNING :D


Thank you ! :)