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Oliver Brown, Auburn

I am very unimpressed by Oliver Brown. It just didn't live up to any expectations whatsoever. Maybe it was because I only ordered a coffee, but even then I found the service to be very slow despite there being noone else in the store beside my friends and I. The coffee wasn't too horrendous or anything, but if you're looking for a good coffee place in Auburn, your best bet is Gloria Jeans and even Noggi. Coffee at both the aforementioned places is done much better than  Oliver Brown. I won't completely write off Oliver Brown until I have actually tried their desserts, but looking at the prices on their menu, I don't think that will be anytime soon. Overpriced, that's for sure.

My friend ordered a White Hot Chocolate and she wasn't too impressed by her drink either. She described it as being plain heated up milk.

Presentation is nice, interior is nice, but as far as anything goes for drinks wise, it is best to avoid this if you don't want to be disappointed.

Harrow Rd Auburn Central Shopping Centre
Auburn, NSW 2144

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  1. Don't worry about going back for the food, it's quite shite :)

    1. oh LOL, I guess I didn't miss out anything then :)

  2. Wow you take gorgeous photos!!!

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