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Nok Nok Thai Eating House, Darling Harbour

THAI ON THE HARBOUR.  It was a cold and windy night and as usual, me nor any of my friends had any idea of what to eat. And then we saw Nok Nok Thai Eating House, located next to Umi Sushi. A dimly lit store filled with a terrace like interior design. There are trees and plants scattered across the restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant is one long communal table whilst the sides of the restaurant provides booths for groups of people. 

Mixed entree- $14.90
We start of with the mixed entree platter filled with spring rolls, dumplings, satay chicken skewers and thai fish cakes. The peanut sauce that accompanies the the entree platter was nice, but I have been to other Thai places which do it better. I'm not too sure what sauce is in the next dipping dish but there are bits of onion, cucumber and chilli in it. It has a sweet taste to it, which I find absolutely delicious. If you are looking to try as many different entrees as possible, this would be the dish for you. 

Beef Pad Si-Ewe- $ $15.90
A Beef Pad Si-Ewe was another dish that we had that day. The serving size is quite enormous, but for the price you are paying for it it is expected. Honestly, it tastes like every other Pad Si-Ewe I have tasted. Would I come back and try this again? Probably not. There isn't really a special kick of flavour or anything relatively special to it, but it is quite filling. 

Thai Beef Salad- $17.90
The Thai Beef Salad was the highlight of this meal for me. The lemon dressing has a perfect blend of sweet and sour and there is it little punch of chilli, just subtle enough that you know that there is chilli in the salad. I just love Thai Salads so much, and this is one of the better Thai salads I have had.

Thai Fried rice - $15.90
We also ordered a Thai Fried Rice which contains pieces of Chicken. I have nothing to say about this rice honestly. It was nice and filling, but it was no different from any other fried rice I've had. No different flavours, nothing to it really.

As filling as this meal was I believe it was a bit too pricey considering the food that was being served. You are definitely paying more for the location and ambience more than anything else. Service was slow, despite there only being a few customers in the store. I have mixed feelings about this place, but I'm glad I have finally been able to try this store as I've always walked past it wondering what it was.

Shop 9/1 Harbour St, Darling Walk
Sydney, NSW 2000

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