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El Jannah's, Punchbowl

After a long day of trampolining, we decided to visit the closest El Jannah's because it's always a good option when you want cheap and delicious chicken. I've only ever been to El Jannah's in Granville and I love it there but here there are no queues! What's there not to love about this place. 

1/4 Chicken Meal - $7.90
I ordered a quarter chicken meal which gives me a serving a chips and a small garlic sauce. A can of drink is also included in this. It's actually a takeway meal, however I dined in because it was the first time I've probably been able to get a table at any El Jannah's.

 Can I just start off by saying, I am in LOVE with garlic sauce. El Jannah's garlic sauce is hands down the best garlic sauce from all the other charcoal chicken places I have tried. The charcoal chicken is so succulent and juicy. Even though they provide a knife and fork, I go hands in because that's the only way you can fully appreciate every part of the chicken. The chips are beautiful especially when you dip it in some garlic sauce. Can you feel how much I love this place?

El Jannah's is one of those places you MUST go because my description does not do the chicken nor the garlic sauce any justice.

701 Punchbowl Rd,
Punchbowl, NSW 2196

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  1. I agree with every single word! Definitely one of the best, cheap, quick and easy eateries in Sydney.


Thank you ! :)