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Crema Espresso, Parramatta

This is the first cafe I have visited without any prior research done or instagram stalking done. It was one of those instances where I just really wanted eggs. My dining companions had eaten here before and loved it so I was more than willing to try this unknown cafe. Crema Espresso is that really red cafe you see on level 2 of Westfield, Parramatta. I've always thought that this was just a coffee place and never really took notice of it, despite all its redness. I'm so glad I tried this place out though. 
Left:Caramel Frappe   Right: Latte
I didn't really like this too much because it was way too creamy and not enough caramelly. I jsut wish it was a bit more balanced, that way this would have been amazing. My dining companion loved her coffee although she did say that her latte was more of a cappuccino, but hey, she said it tasted good.

Eggs Benedict-$16.50
Egg porn level= mediocre. As delicious as it looks with all the hollandaise sauce spread on top of it, the eggs weren't runny. It wasn't overcooked either but it missed the mark on how poached eggs should be. This is probably the only fault I can find with this dish.  Overall, the dish was amazing. You can never go wrong with eggs and bacon on top of sourdough bread. There was so much Hollandaise sauce on the plate but it just made this dish oh so good.  In all honesty, I don't know what a good Hollandaise sauce tastes like, but Crema Espresso sauce had flavours I really liked. I will definitely being eating more things with Hollandaise sauce in the near future.The serving size of this was enormous almost overwhelming for me but I managed to finish it. 

Breakfast Wrap-$10
My dining companion loved this dish and she could barely finish it. On my second visit to Crema Espresso I ordered this knowing how much my friend loved this. I could not finish the wrap either. It's like you're given two wraps for the price of one. So worth it.The scrambled eggs were very creamy and meshed well with the bacon. I thoroughly enjoyed this wrap despite being in a food coma right before I had to get back to work. 

My other dining companion chose something from their lunch menu and she loved it as well. Unfortunately, my memory and poor note taking skills fail me here because I had no idea what this was called....

Overall I really enjoyed my meal here at Crema Espresso. I can't comment too much on the customer service because you place your order at the counter, but they seemed really nice and friendly when they brought the food out. Definitely have a try of this place if you are ever looking for some brunch whilst you're in Parramatta Westfield. 

Level 2 , Parramatta Westfield
159-175 Church Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150

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