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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD

WHY HELLO AGAIN! Sorry for the lack of posts this past month, I've just had a pretty hectic month which left me no time to eat out, but now that its over, I can restart my food frenzies and continue making food babies. 
Anyhow, onto this glorious piece of Taiwanese fried chicken, Hot Star. It is AMAZING! It was like love at first sight when I first tried this. Multiple chickens later, I am still in love with this place. Located on an almost hidden area of Liverpool St right next to Hungry Jacks lies this takeaway shop. It's not so hard to miss because of the amount of people waiting around the store/ Don't let the line scare you off though. It's definitely worth the wait. 

Let's start off with the obvious, the size of the original piece chicken. For only $7.90, you get this enormous piece of chicken. It is literally bigger than size of anyone's head. Watch out for the chicken bones nearing the bottom of your chicken piece. The chicken is cooked perfectly. Soft and tender. Oh and you can also choose the spiciness level of your chicken or go for  no spices at all if you don't like chilli. I think I chose really spicy or something because I felt like dying trying to eat it, but it was still so so good. 

Despite the slight wait for your chicken, this place is a must try for everyone. I love it so much and would have every single day of my life if I had the stomach for it. Honestly, just try it ! It is so damn delicious. 

96 Liverpool St,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. hehe i can feel my lips tingling just looking at the amount of chilli powder!

    1. my lips felt like they were on fire by the end of it, but it was way too good. No regrets

  2. Omg! I would die to try that piece of chicken, too bad I don't live in Sydney. Followed<3

    1. If you ever come to sydney definitely try it :)


Thank you ! :)