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Ippudo, CBD

Long time no post. I'm in the home stretch of my exam period with only 1 more to go! I have been in hibernation for the past two weeks but here's a review on something I wrote a couple of weeks back from my trip to Ippudo

After many, many months of saying "We need to go to Ippudo", I have finally tried the famous ramen place located in the food court level of Sydney Westfield. I was most excited to try the pork buns but was saddened by the fact that they weren't serving it for while. (Cue Anaconda).  I asked the waiter when they would be bringing the pork buns back and he said in approximately 3 weeks, but by the time this post has been published, I believe that the buns are back on offer. HOORAAY!  

Akamaru Shinaji- $16
It is definitely a lot pricier than other ramen places, but I don't mind because this bowl of ramen was perfection. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the soup was thick but not as thick as the famous Gumshara (Noone can beat that God-ly thickness of a soup). Still I loved the soup. The Ippudo original tonkotsu soup was beautiful and the garlic oil added even more flavour to the soup. Go for the special version of this which offers extra sides because when they were bringing out to other tables, a sense of regret set in. 

The staff were super friendly and attended to you right away. They were really cheerful and made a great night even better. I was quite fascinated with the wave wooden roof above us OH and the soup spoons they hang off the walls just add a little something extra to the interior. I would say that Ippudo has more of communal seating unless you're in larger groups. I loved Ippudo and I can see why everyone is raving about it. I will definitely be coming back to try those pork buns but that's not all because I want to try all their ramens. I'm officially on the Ippudo bandwagon. 

Westfield Sydney, Level 5
188 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. Oh did they say why the buns weren't on offer during that time period? What a bummer! But at least they'll be back when you get back!!
    Good luck with your exams! My last one is this Friday, booyeah!

    1. The waiter didn't really specify why the buns weren't on offer but I think it was the same for every store :(
      I just finished exam:) but good luck with your last exam!!

  2. That's a shame, I absolutely loved the pork buns when I last had them! At least the ramen's really satisfying on its own though, especially with all that garlic *drool*

  3. Hi Amanda!

    Sorry I tried to find a contact form or an email on your blog but couldn't source any!
    I work with couple of Japanese restaurants in Sydney and was looking to know whether you'd be interested in visiting some of them? If so, you can contact me on



Thank you ! :)